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freaking awesome pics by freaking awesome people!!! :la:


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Foxy by HungerGamesTribute45
Sup guys, haven't drawn anything in a while. I've been playing a lot of Five nights and Freddy's and Foxy here is my favorite. Hope you like it :)
Ira by HungerGamesTribute45
I was testing out shading things and this happened
Paring: Makorra

Word count: 1,220

Summary: Korra has been rescued from Zaheer and his gang. She is traumatized, and doesn’t want anyone around her. But when she sees Mako, her thoughts change.


She couldn’t move. Her muscles ached and she could feel that she had a few broken bones. She couldn’t remember what had happened or how she got to this state of being. She didn’t know where she was or who was with her. All she heard was a voice, a voice knew. His voice.


Mako pinned Zaheer against a wall. After a ruthless battle with the four benders, Mako managed to get Zaheer alone. “Now tell me” Blood dripped from Mako’s face onto the ground below. “Where is she?”

After 3 days, Korra’s eyes opened. Healers surrounded her bed as the avatar was adjusting to the rooms light. She winced in pain when she tried to move. The healers asked her too many questions and her head started pounding.  “Don’t overwhelm her.” The healers turned to see who had made the statement and through a gap Korra could see who it was as well. Her most trusted adviser, Tenzin.


“We all know the plan correct? We get Korra, Bolin and I hold off the benders, and Asami you take Korra to safety on Naga.” Bolin and Asami nodded. With that the trio took off to find the avatar.


Korra sat in her room with her knees to her chest. This feeling was wrong, and she hated it. She feels weak and scared, and she doesn’t understand why. With a blanket over her shoulders, the avatar sat in the corner of her room shaking violently. Her heart felt cold and afraid. She was safe here, here in her corner. But in her mind she knew she’d have to face the benders again. Korra buried her head into her knees and sobbed.


“Asami go now!” Mako yelled. Once Asami got Korra steady on Naga’s saddle, she took off into the warm desert night. Mako and Bolin continued to fight the four powerful benders. Their efforts were pointless, they knew they wouldn’t win. In Mako’s mind, Korra’s and Bolin’s safety were all that mattered to him. So he would keep fighting, for the both of them.


“Come on Korra, you need to eat something” Asami said placing a tray of food on the floor in front of her friend. Korra turned her head away and backed further into the corner. Asami sighed and left Korra alone. Korra doesn’t want anyone near her. The only thing she wants to see is the sleeping polarbear dog on the other side of her room. But she is feeling a bit hungry. Korra picks up the bowl of rice and nibbles at it.


“HELP! Someone I need help!” Bolin yelled entering the healing hut in the desert village they were in. Bolin had one of Mako’s arms around his shoulders. The rest of Mako was slumped to the side. Asami ran over to the boys and was shocked at the state Mako was in. He had a gash on his head, and small scratches all over his body. His jacket was soaked in blood from a gash that went from his shoulder to his abdomen on his back. A couple of healers came with a stretcher and took him away.



Korra lifted her head from her knees to see who had called her. Her eyes grew wide as she saw him before her. His arm was in a sling, and his head was wrapped in gauze. He also held a crutch under his good arm. “Mako.” Korra’s voice was quivering.

Mako gave her a light hearted smile. “Hey” he says with exhaustion in his voice. “Mind if I sit?” Korra stands and helps Mako to her bed. “Thanks.” After a minute of two of silence, Mako tries to start a conversation. “So how are you feeling?” Korra doesn’t answer. “Korra?” She turns her head away but he cups her cheek and turns her head back. “Korra what’s wrong? Why haven’t you been talking to anyone?”

Korra stands and goes back to her corner. “You can’t keep shutting people out Korra.” Mako stumbles a bit while trying to stand, but he manages to hobble out of her room. Before he shuts the door he turns and says “I’m always here if you want company.” The door closes and Korra falls back into silence.


“Where am I?” Mako asks weakly, no one is in the room to answer his question. He looks around and sees another bed across the room. He tries to sit up, but feels too much pain to complete the task. He lies back down and stares at the celling. “Mako” He hears a faint whisper. “Mako” This time it’s louder, loud enough for him to recognize the voice. He uses all of his strength to get out of bed and walk to the bed across from him. His suspicions were correct, it is her. “Mako” Korra whispers again in her sleep. Mako sits in a chair at her bedside and grabs her hand. “You’re alright Korra” he says with a smile.


‘This is so stupid’ Korra thought to herself. She stood in front of Mako’s door with her fist held up ready to knock. She sighed and knocked twice. A minute passed and Korra figured she should turn back. She lowered her head and turned to walk away, but he answered the door then. “Korra?” She turned back to face him. She lowered her head again “is it alright if I come in?” she asked, her voice barley auditable. Mako was close enough to hear her and he smiled. “Of course, come on.”

Korra walked in and Mako shut the door behind her. Korra sat down on his bed, Mako joined her. “You okay?” Mako asked.

“Yeah I’m alright.” Korra notices that the covers are pulled back. “Sorry if I woke you up.”

“I was lying down, not asleep. You’re fine.” A few minutes of silence pass. “Is there something you want to talk about?” Mako asks and Korra nods.

“There is something I wanted to ask you.” She responds nervously. “Do-do you mind if- uh- well if I… stayed in here for tonight?” A blush crept across Korra’s face and Mako chuckles.

“Sure, I don’t mind.” Korra kicked off her shoes and crawled under the covers, Mako followed. They lied back to back, and Korra started to shiver. Mako felt it. “You alright?” he asked concerned.

“Yeah. It’s just for the past week I haven’t been able to feel warm. I cover myself with blankets and lie against Naga’s fur but I’m still freezing.”

“I bet I can fix your problem.” Mako said turning to face her, Korra did the same. Slowly Mako wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close to him. Korra buried her face into his chest and started to sob. “Hey, what’s wrong?”

“I’ve felt so alone and helpless and I don’t know what to do. And you’re in this state because of me. And I don’t know if a can beat those benders, I don’t think I can win” Korra cries harder.

“Korra, it’ll be okay. You won’t fight them alone, I won’t let them take you away from me again I promise you that.” Mako says. He gently rubs her back, and Korra eventually falls asleep enjoying the feeling of being warm and safe again.
Cant get warm
Yay fanfic! so this an idea I had, it wasn't makorra when I thought of it, but hey it is now! enjoy :)
Riva by HungerGamesTribute45
so I got bored and wanted to do something for my best friend (who has a DA btw and you should go watch her whispers-of-the-dark.deviantar…)
anyway lion cub/tiger thing. Enjoy my friends :)


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